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Hello everyone, Is your website traffic is very low. You are using many SEO tools, but still your site traffic cannot grow. I hope you will get more traffic by using these tips. So follow these tips with full focus. I hope you will get lot of information from this blog. So lets start without wasting any time. I am Mohd Raqib and today I will tell you some secret tips which will be most helpful for you to grow your website faster than any other site.Cheapest way to grow website

1. Work On A Single Niche

At fist you should need to think about a single niche you should need to have a profitable and famous niche where you can write blogs for long time without any problem. Most of the peoples make so many niches in blogging. 

 So that’s why they cannot work on blogging for long time. If they make a single niche in blogging they can easily gain audience on their website because we can easily get much traffic on a single niche website as compare to more niche website.

So I suggest you to make a single niche you can easily get sucess from a single niches, You should need to write common blogs on your website. I hope you will easily grow from single niche.

I have some Best profitable blogging niches and their detail:

  1. Fashion:

    In this time everyone follow the fashion and if you make blog on it maybe firstly you should need to struggle but you can easily get profit within months because fashion is a single niche which is less competitor as compare to other niche but its is highly searched by people. If you make this niche and regularly write post on it I am guaranteed that you will easily get lot of profit from it.

  2. Investing

    You can get lot of profit from this niche if you have some experience in it. In this time so many peoples are investing their money in very companies or in banks, and thousand of times people search about investment, because stock marketing is not an easy thing to decode and this is only the reason why blogger who can correctly interrupt the trends of the stock market are always in demand. If you can decode the stock market then so many peoples will come to know that where they can invest, through this way you can easily traffic on your website.

  3. Building Website, 

    Website building is also a best niche for those who know about blogging If you have some knowledge about website building then you must need to tech other people about website building, through this way you can get traffic on your website, but if you don’t have knowledge about it then don’t try it to make it your niche, because if try it you will lost your audience and your blogging career will be in danger, So firstly you should need to know about it. I hope this niche will be helpful for you.

2. Analyse Your Blog

Before writing more blogs and before making some changes firstly your should need to analyse published blogs.
If any blog gain much traffic from other blogs in your whole website then make it more attractive and write more on that topic in other new blogs. Make some changes in your new blog from recently published blogs.
Always update your blog with in week or in a month. To analyse your blog you can use some of the applications or tools.
  • Google Analytics 

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service which offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin.

  • Visual website Optimiser 

    Visual Website Optimiser is an easy to use A/B testing tool that allows marketing professionals to create different versions of their websites and landing pages using a point-and-click editor (no HTML knowledge needed!) and then see which version produces maximum conversion rate or sales.

  • Page Speed Insights

    Google Page speed is a family of tools by Google Inc, designed to help a website’s performance optimisations. This tool is very useful for new blog writers. It was introduced at Developer Conference in 2010.

  • Intercom

    Intercom is an American software company that produces a messaging platform which allows businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, on their website, through social media, or via email.

3. Write helpful and informative blog

Helpful and informative blog play a great rule in gaining more traffic in every website because everyone need help in work. But firstly you should need to know which type of help people want from you.
It is not only blogging it is business, and in business you should also need to take care of your customer. You must know that many successfull blog writer write only informative and helpful blog.
Man holding mobile and writing to grow traffic
That’s why now they are successfull writers because they know that what people want So I have some tools by which you can easily get helpful content ideas for your blog.
  •  Ubersuggest

     Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that specialise in generating new keyword ideas for websites. Originally founded as a tool that scraped google suggest term ubersuggest was recently acquired by enterpreneur neil patel, who had since expanded the feature set significantly. This tool give many new ideas by which you can write many informative blogs and grow your website.

  • SEMrush

    Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Our tools and reports are able to help marketers that work in the following  services: SEO,PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitive Research, PR,Content marketing campaign Management. It also help you in getting more ideas of informative and helpful content.

  • SpyFu

    SpyFu was founded in April 2005, The utility shows keywords that websites buy on google ads, as well as keywords used for search engine results. SpyFu refreshes its data on a monthly basis, and as  such is used as a guide to what’s happening with larger trends in SEO rather than as real time tracking engine. You can get trending ideas from that tool easily.

  • KWfinder 

    Kwfinder is a paid tool. It is a keyword research tool that helps you in finding long tail keywords with low seo difficulty. You can easily get lot of information of long tail keyword. This tool especially made for new and simple sites to grow faster. Lot of website use that tool for finding long tail keyword. You should also need to try this tool to grow fast your website.

4. Write Trustful blogs

To grow your website or your business fast then one rule you should also need to follow that is make trust not money. If you want to become successfull in blogging you should also need to implement this rule.
If you write trust full content on your blog your users began to grow continuously and if you write blogs for more views and money you won’t get anything from this method on the contrary your website ranking become down and maybe  your website career  will destroy.
If we see the method of succeeded blog writer  we see that almost every succeeded blog writer shows his content trust worthy to the people.  If you want to show your blog trust worthy to the people.
So you should need to implement some techniques like you should need to write genuine blogs on your site, Make your website easy toward the people, Increase your website page loading speed, Don’t copy content from other sites and your content should always be evergreen.
Here are some best practices to increase your website page loading speed:
  • Enable compression.
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Reduce redirects.
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript.
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Improve server response time.
  • Use a content distribution network.

5. Write About Online Earning

If you want to grow your website traffic with cheapest method then this method is very helpful for you because in this growing world every one want to earn money online.
About 50,000+ people search about online earning in a day. But most of the time they cannot get genuine website where they can earn real money.
If you write about any genuine website where they get much money in few months, then they will become your permanent customers and always search your website for another method where they can earn more money.
About 40% bloggers become popular by this technique because 70% peoples want to get money from online in this whole world.
Girl want to get much traffic on her website with cheapest stepss

Following are the some websites which get lot of traffic from this method:


6. Write SEO Friendly Content 

Want your site to grow without increasing your marketing budget. Make sure you should need to produce SEO friendly content.
Here’s how it works?
Search Engine optimized website with solid authority and a good backlink rank higher in the search engine. If your website rank on first page of google then your website will easily get lot of traffic.
On the other side,  if you have written a best article but your SEO ranking is low then nobody will find your article and without any traffic your article is pointless.
If you won’t write SEO friendly content then your all articles cannot get the traffic which your articles deserve.


Seo tool in laptop to grow traffic

I have some Strategies by which you can produce SEO friendly content:


1. Use Headlines And Sub-Headers

Using headlines and sub-header does many things in search engine. At first it make your website in sequence along with that it make your blog much easier to understand.

The same thing is applied for search engine optimized robot. (SEO) When crawling through their site robot can easily understand that which thing important and which is not.
Headlines and sub headers also effect your SEO so you must need to use it in your articles to make your blog SEO friendly.

2. Add links to previous content

One of the other way to rank website is to make more backlink. Good content trends to get lot of backlink- external and internal.

Want to drive more traffic on your blog you should also need to make backlink because without backlink your site ranking is impossible.
To make more traffic you should need to make internal link through this way you can easily get more traffic on both old and new article.
Making link between two articles make your website quality high, by this why people easily get best articles for themselves.

3. Use small paragraph

Using small paragraph is very good practice to make content SEO friendly because most of the peoples want to read article in short paragraph.
Because in paragraph we can easily read long articles in some minute. Writing articles in paragraph make your whole website seo friendly.
Short paragraph make website easy for mobile user to read the content and make your content less boring You should also need to implements this techniques to make your website SEO friendly.
I hope you will like this article. Thank you fir reading my blog…

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