Top 10 Easy SEO Strategies To Boost Organic Traffic

Hey guys do you want to boost organic traffic on your website? But still you are struggling against high ranked website to get traffic on your site. So don’t skip it. I am Mohd Raqib and today I will tell you about some basic strategies to boost organic traffic on your website. But firstly I am requesting you to subscribe our channel to get latest notifications and if you get found my content helpful then please give me feedback. So that we write more helpful blogs for you. So lets start.  SEO strategies to boost organic traffic

01. Read Books About Website.

To gain organic traffic and make your website dashing firstly you need to read about blogging, because reading is the best practice that ever I found in my several year experience, If you read the biography of every successfull person you will find a common thing in all of them that is reading. If we read books about website we get lot of useful information from it. You always found that when ever you read any book about blogging you will remember that you make a mistake in your blog.

 Some premium books for you:
  • HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites.
  • Learning web Design: A beginner’s Guide.
  • Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense approach to web usability.
  • 3. Designing with web standards.
  • Css Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions.

02. Focus on page loading speed

If your website loading speed is good then you can easily get much organic traffic on your website, because most of the peoples want to see your website.
I saw most of the website that their loading speed is very low and about 10% peoples want to visit on them, Because in this advanced world no one want to waste their time in a slower website. If your website loading speed is very slow then I prefer you to use wordpress hosting , because wordpress hosting  is the best platform for speed optimization.
You can easily get hosting from wordpress in cheap price.
If you get wordpress hosting then your website load within only few milliseconds. So, your user website experience become strong and no one get back from your website and you can easily grow in some months.
If you boost your site organic traffic without paying money. Then here is some methods by which you load your website with in few seconds.

1. Use programming languages: If you are a blogger and want to grow in it. Then firstly you need to learn programming languages, because programming languages are so fast in loading from other. If you use these programming languages then your page loading speed also increase.

There a list of some best programming 
  • C++
  • Java
  • Java script
  • PHP
  • Python

2. Use premium themes for website

If you use premium themes then you will get many features that will ultimately boost your website. The size of your website code will be decreased. So, your site can easily rank in google.

1.There is a list of some premium themes:
  • Astra
  • Neve Agency
  • Divi
  • Kalium
  • Uncode
  • The Gem
  • Exponent
3. Use Image Re-sizer :  Do you know that about 50% website loading speed become slow, because they don’t use image resizers, If they use image resizer then they can easily rank in SEO.
There is some best image resizers:
  • Bulk image resizer
  • Free image resizer
  • Resize image online
  • Resize multiple images
  • Social image resizer

3. Write unique content

Whenever you write any blog on your website you always find that you always write on common content not unique, because you cannot want to make a unique website you always write those contents which are already written by other top websites, If you want to make a unique content then you need to search about it.
You need to learn more things from website. You need to make it so easy for your users, according to the google about 15% users go back.
When they found that the website is very difficult to get information. Always refresh your site. According to the google you can easily gain much organic traffic if you write on unique ideas.
Some Unique Contents for you
  • Write on space
  • Make those tools which are very helpful for peoples
  • Write about glaciers
  • Write on interesting stories.
There is some website which tell us some unique contents:

4. Advertise your website

Do you ever notice that how hubspot, neilpatel, backlinko and etc become popular in the world. If not don’t be fear its only a joke. Many website become popular. When they began to advertise their website.
You can easily advertise your website. If you have money, because in blogging firstly you need to invest here to become popular. Advertisement is the best method to get organic traffic on any website.
According to the google about 75% company buy their 70% products with the help of advertisement.
You always saw that when any new movie released by any industry firstly they give ad of it on many platform, because they want to show it every place of the world to gain revenue from it.
Here some platform where you can easily advertise your website:
  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Television
  4. Instagram
  5. Top website
  6. Quora
The greatest advertising movies ever made:
  • Looker in 1980
  • Agency in 1981
  • Passion in 2012
  • Crazy people in 1990
  • The greatest movie ever sold in 2011

05. Write useful and helpful blogs

Do you know that why your website organic traffic is so low, because you cannot write useful and helpful blogs. You write blogs for only AdSense approval. If you make those things which are helpful.
For example you have make a tool by which anyone can easily get high ranked keyword with low competition for free and give them some best tricks by which they get revenue from their site.
Then they will also come back to your website to learn more things about blogging and for getting experience from your site.
According to my experience, you can easily get organic traffic if you make customers on website nor money.
Hey there are some useful and helpful blog writers name you can easily learn their topic on google.
  • Brian Dean
  • Oleg Shchgolev
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Refsnes Data
  • Adam D’Angelo

06. Write skyscraper content on website

This idea was first introduced by the brian Dean (The owner of Backlinko) the best expert blog write in the world.
 Now you will say me that what is skyscraper content? Don’t worry guys I will explain you with easy method. Skyscraper content are those contents which are 10 times better than the other first rank websites.
If you use this idea I am 95% guaranteed that you will easily get much organic traffic on your site. Many top website like or use this idea and get lot of traffic on their website.
According to google about 90% website rank on google by the help of this technique. You can easily write skyscraper content on your website if you learn many top websites. In skyscraper content you have no need of any keyword you can easily rank with only a simple query.
There are steps which you need to take when before writing skyscraper content.
  1. Describe every content fully: If you want to write skyscraper for organic traffic then firstly you must want to describe content fully. If we describe every content fully then much peoples want to bread you blog.
  2. Explain every content with examples: Whenever you start any topic on blog you must need to explain it with examples, because examples make attraction with blog writer and many user can easily. Understand that what are you saying.
  3. Don’t make mistakes in blog: It is very worst habit, whoever you make mistake in blog many peoples think that he have no sense of writing blog. So they get back to you site, so don’t do it. I have already written about it. If you want to read it click on this link. Common mistake which make most of the blogger
  4. Upload some videos on site: If you upload videos on website. Then many user will see your video, because in india about 70% peoples are literate and 30% peoples are illiterate. So they cannot understand that what are you saying.

7. Don’t change niches

In my 1 year experience I found many peoples which start blogging with me but know they choose another niche, because they cannot get any single view on their website.
But my strategies was different from them. I cannot change my niche. Even today I am writing so many post on my website and know I get much organic traffic on my website. I am writing this blog for your help.
According to many experienced peoples like brian dean, oleg Shchgolev and many more peoples write that if you make any niche for yourself don’t skip it. It is my personal opinion that if you start any thing don’t skip it, give it time.

8. Write attractive blog or title

This is the best method to achieve organic traffic on website. Many top blog writer use attractive blogs and title for organic traffic.
 You can easily make many subscribers. If you use these  attractive blog and titles. You can easily make your blog or title attractive by the use of these phrases.
For examples: Do you know how to make money online, 7 thing you might need to know about blogging and here are some best tools for only one minute.
Here are some best phrases for you to attract peoples on your website.
  • You can’t do
  • For only you
  • Don’t try this
  • Mysterious things
  • You don’t know
  • Don’t say to anyone
Hey If you write any title or blog with these magic phrase you will easily become popular in everywhere in only some days. Now I use these phrase to make an attractive title.
  1. 7 things you can’t do with your hands
  2.  Seven best lucky places you don’t know
  3. 3 best method for only you
  4. Top Mysterious things of the world
  5. Best tips for you don’t say to anyone

09. Use some best keyword

Do you know that why, and rank in first page of google. If you don’t know about it. Then firstly you need to know it. They use many high ranked keyword on their website.
 Many peoples think that why the keywords are so important in website. According to the google about 70% websites rank with the help of keywords. Keywords help our site to rank.
Keywords make our site dashing and unique.
Many people’s like to read dashing site, because they trust on these sites. Many peoples cannot use high ranked keywords in website that’s why their website cannot rank, If you use high ranked keywords then your website ranking and and domain score will be increase.
 Website without keywords like a rocket in space, because no one will see tour site if you have no keyword.
There are many keyword by which your website can easily rank in google.
1. Rajshala darpan
2. Dish
3. Ubersuggest
4. Read bible
5. Backlinks
If you want more keywords than firstly you need to subscribe my channel.

10.  Share your content on social media

Social media is very necessary for the growth and marketing of any website in this time. Social media make our website more popular then others field. 
Many peoples use Instagram, Facebook, link din, Pinterest etc, to popular their site. If you are popular in social media, then you can easily get many benefits from it. All you have to do is put a link to your website on social media.
You can get organic traffic and earn money from your website. If you are not popular in social media and want to get organic traffic for your website. Then I have another idea for you. You can easily make many followers on Quora, Quora is not social media but it work like a social media.
Its a website in which many user ask question to you. If you give them correct answer and become popular in Quora. Then one will compete you. So, social media is also important for you to get organic traffic from your website.
Some popular personalities on social media
1. Kanya west 
Kanya smith net worth : 3.2 Billion
Twitter followers : 9 million
2. Will smith 
Will smith net worth $350 Million
Twitter followers : 117k
Instagram followers : 46 million 
3. Ellen degeneres
Ellen degeneres net worth: $490 million
Instagram follower: 79 million
Twitter follower: 92 million
4. Harry Style
Harry Style net worth: $80million
Instagram follower: 34 million
Twitter follower: 28 million
5. The weeknd
The weeknd net worth: $90 million
Instagram follower: 12 million
Twitter follower:  23 million
6. John legend
John legend net worth: $ 75 million
Instagram follower:  13 million
Twitter follower:   12 million
So, these are some strategies by which you can easily get organic traffic. I hope you might like it. I am very thankful to you that you read my blog.

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