13 best profitable and high ranked niches of 2021

Today’s world everyone want to be work at best niche before starting business. But about 90% peoples cannot found any niche because many sites already written lot of content on almost every niches. These websites are very harmful for other new websites. They get almost 50% more traffic from other site. That’s why many new web sites cannot rank and these sites cannot earn money.  So I make collection of 13 best profitable, famous and high ranked Niches. For  those web developers which start their blogging career nowBest profitable niches

1. Sports

Do you know that about 80% people want to see sports in the world. Sports is very interesting, famous and highly ranked keyword in the whole world. You can easily write many topic on it. Its very good niche for beginners.
If you ranked on this keyword, then you think that you can easily gain lot of money because its cost per click is almost 2 dollars which is a good thing and one another thing which is its difficulty that is only 28.
According to the one estimation about 95% countries will play sports in future. You can easily write on cricket, hockey, football, volleyball etc. According to me you need to try first. It is very interested and amazing niche.

2. Biographies

Niche on the biographies is very good thing. If anyone make his niche on Biographies. Then I tell you that you are so lucky person because in biography we can easily write on many scientists, actors, astronomers and about popular web developers. 
In this niche you have a big opportunity that is you cannot need to find any content. Only you need to know some popular personalities and write his/her biography. According to me writing on Biographies is just like eating food. 
You become popular in 5 months by the use of this niche.
This the best platform for you. So don’t quit it. Many peoples become popular when they make their niche on biographies. Write on it and you will see good results.

3. Wild Animals

Do you know that in Aruban areas about 60% peoples want to read about wild animals. They want to see many other species of wild animals. But most of the time they cannot get any type of blog about wild animals.
You can easily write on this niche and earn money from it. To become popular firstly you need to solve other people problems. Then you become popular.
For example: If anyone want a blog on endangered species and you publish a post on this topic then he will come in your site and get it. He/she get information about it and you get money from he/she. 

4. Tips And Tricks

Tips and tricks is very useful thing in every place. By the use of tips we can easily do a hard work in some minutes and tricks also play a role in making any thing. 
These two keywords are most famous and profitable keywords by the use of these keywords we can easily rank up. These are not two only keywords we tell them weapons because these two keywords work like a weapon. If we write blog on tips and tricks. 
We can easily get lot of money from it from other keywords. These two keywords attract people so much. About half peoples become popular when they use these magic keywords. I think you need to write on it. 

5. Astronomy

In this world everyone want to become astronaut. To become astronaut and to see the space many peoples read about astronomy. They want to know about space.
If you make your niche on astronomy then you can easily get many topic on astronomy and the other best thing of this niche is its cost per click  that is almost 3 dollars. If you rank on it then you can easily become rich in some months. But firstly you need to make your users. If you got many users on it. Then no one will compete you.
According to my experience it is very big opportunity for you. If I was cannot start this niche. I only choose this niche because I want to become astronaut to see many new creature of the universe. I always visit on 3 or 4 sites to study about astronomy.

6. Facts

Facts are very popular and profitable niche in the world because many peoples like to read post on facts. Facts help to boost our general knowledge. Many people’s write on this niche and get lot of money from it and its search volume is also very good that is almost 150,000 which is enough for every web developer.
You can easily make many evergreen topic on it. According to me we make 10 times better blog from other niches.
If you make this niche for your career. Then you can easily attract many peoples and get profitable from it.

7. Xiaomi Mobiles

Now a days you know that Xiaomi mobiles are very popular and very best seller mobiles because about 70% peoples like to buy it. These mobiles are so smooth and the camera of Xiaomi mobiles is very awesome.
If you write in this niche and make your post interesting. I am 90% guaranteed that you can easily make many users and get lot of money. If we see the search volume of this niche. 
We will found that its is very good it is 1 lakh, which is very good thing ever, but its SEO difficulty and Paid difficulty is not good. But if you rank on it for a single time, you can easily get money easily.
So, I recommend you to make it your niche. According to me you will get lot of money in future. So, think about it and if you get impress with this niche, then don’t quit it. 

8. Tribal Peoples

In this advance world many some peoples want to become advance more, but some peoples cannot want to become advance. These peoples want to know tribal peoples closely. 
They search many information about them, but they less information about tribal people’s on google because only 1% peoples write on tribal peoples, their lifestyle, their culture and many other else. 
They cannot cover all information about tribal. If you write on tribal peoples then maybe they get any useful information from you blog. If anyone found your blog helpful then you only think that where you will invest your money because its search volume and CPC is very amazing. You can easily become richest by this niche.

9. General knowledge

Do you know why companies take our viva before any job that is why because firstly companies check the knowledge of the person. If anyone general knowledge is good then companies give him a job but if anyone general knowledge is very weak then no company will give him a job. 
So, many peoples learn about general knowledge every time. They get some I formation about general knowledge on google. If anyone write about general knowledge in google. 
Then he will give two advantages from it one he get traffic on his site and second his own general knowledge become strong. So that very good niche for everyone to become knowledgeable and rich in his life.

10. Culture

If you are a blog writer and you cannot write about Indian culture then you are so stupid because our Indian culture is 50 times better then other every other country because this is only one country where we feel 6 seasons in one year. 
This is the only one country which culture, lifestyle of peoples is so unique from the other countries. Every American, Australian want to know our culture. But most of time they get only a bit of information about our culture. But we know every thing about our Culture and we make a huge collection of our culture and publish it on website. 
We can easily get lot of money from it. But our Indian peoples only want to write on blue films. They cannot want to do any more. I am very requested to the Indian peoples to forget porn and see the real world. So I recommend everyone to write on culture.

11. Pets

Do you know that people love their pets so much. There are estimated 190 million dogs and cats in the U.S.A and UK. There is also so many more pets like parrot, snake and many other odd creature which I have not mentioned. Many people’s like to purchase pets. 
But before purchasing them firstly they search about their bread, their food and many more things. If you make niche on pets and help them in purchasing a quality bred dog or cat. 
Then they will also come back to your site to know about more things. They also encouraged other peoples to visit on your niche and get many useful things.

12. Lose Weight

Weight lose is only a single niche where you need 1,899 backlink with the domain score of 87 to rank on the first page of google. But you believe me that it is also a single niche which search volume is almost 3 lakhs.
0 Many peoples want to lose their weight but they cannot get any best technique by which they can slim their body and become healthy one. According to the scientists peoples become fatty when they consume large amount of fat in a body.
one want that he/she will become fatty in his life. As a result they cannot run, play, dance and many other else. So they every time search on it. If you your niche help them in losing weight, then you can easily become popular and get profitable from it.

13. Health 

A healthy person can easily make a great thing  from others. Health is very important for humans for live.
You cannot believe on me that one industry get 25 million dollars per month because many peoples become weak from their diet habits. This company give them some ideas a earn money. You can easily create a site on this niche. Many peoples will get help if you write on some basic health development. 
Many sites already writing blog on it. But most of the content they cannot cover. You can easily make niche on it and get money from it. Its search volume is also good.
 I hope you will get help from my website. So please subscribe my website. So that I write some other blogs for you. Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

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