How to create a dashing and unique blog for ranking

Hi guys WhatsApp I hope you all will be fine. Today we will learn that how we can create a dashing and unique blog for first ranking. Many new developer think that what they will write in their future. So they watch many videos, they read many books but they can’t found any topic where they can write and rank their website. So today we will learn that how we can create a unique and dashing blog. But firstly please subscribe our channel to get new notifications. If we make any mistake in it please tell us. So that we solve that issue.How to create unique and dashing blog

01. Fresh brain 

To create a unique and dashing blog firstly you need to refresh your mind, According to the  scientists depressed brain cannot make any type of new idea. Depression make us dumb.

Our mind can’t work properly in depression. So you need to make techniques by which your brain get fresh and you can easily create dashing and unique ideas.
There are some techniques by which you can easily fresh your mind:
  • Yoga: This is the best practice that ever I see. In yoga we take long breath which is 90% effective on our mind. Yoga help us to focus on any work. Yoga also make us confident because if anyone work anything with full focus. Then he always confident with his work. Yoga keep our body health. If our body is healthy then our mind automatically become healthy and a healthy brain can easily make dashing and unique ideas.
  • Writing notebooks: Notebook writing also make our brain active. We start learn many other skills. Our mind also like new skills. Skills helps us in many works. We can easily everything. If we have any skill. So writing notebooks also good for our brain.
  • Morning walk: Morning walk is light exercise. It keep our mind fit for the whole day. When we go for walk in morning we see fresh flower, the dew drops, the chirping bird our mind. So morning walk also good for you mind.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a part of yoga in which we cannot do anything. We cannot think, move and hear. In this process our brain getting relax. In this condition we can easily make any type of idea in our mind. We use meditation to refresh our mind. Meditation is very useful practice for refreshing the brain. 

02. Always be happy

Happiness is very important for every person. When we become happy. We feel some freedom and relax. Our brain want to create anything. A Happy men can work 10 times better then others. Many experiments prove that peoples who get success always be happy. 
They cannot get angry with anyone. A happy authorized person easily attract peoples. Angry make our mind rubbish. Many peoples think that comedy videos, jokes and other else make them happy. No that’s wrong concept. 
No thing make you happy, only you make yourself happy.
Angry person cannot think good for anyone. He always make mistake in everything. That’s why he cannot make a unique and dashing blog. The angry is common thing but the happiness is unique. So let be different first. Then you will make your blog unique.

03. Always build Tactics

you should also need to build tactics in our self. Now you will think that what is tactic? What is the need of  tactic in creating unique blog. To understand tactics properly we take an example: Think that you need to take a ball from a hole without touching it. Which method you apply to take ball out from whole. Simple you use any spoon type rood and pick it out.

The method by which you get the ball out from the hole is not called tactics. If yous tactics are strong then you want to use another method to fake it out.
So, you can easily create a great idea if your tactic power is strong. But most of the people about 75% people take much time to get it out. If your tactic power is very good. Then you can easily solve any type problem.

Tactics are also used to solve any problem. You want to build tactic in you self to create a unique and dashing blog. If you want to build your tactic power. You need to play some games, you need to solve every problem in your life.
There are some games by which you can build the tactics in yourself:
  • Chess: This is the best game for any tactic builder because in this game we face many problems. In this game we need to figure out some problems. But most problems we need to focus. When we tackle this problems. Our tactic power become strong. So, I am recommended you to play it to build your tactic power.
  • Brain UpThis is also a good game for tactic building because there is also many problem, which you need to tackle. So, it is also a tactic builder game.

04. Act like Creator

Act like a creator is the best practice for any creator to create unique and dashing blog. The scientists believe that the thing we do physically our sub conscious mind also act like that. 
For example: If we act a creator our sub conscious will work like a creator. Then we will work like creator and may be we create a unique content for blog. I have also experience of it. It effect on our mind so much.
If you want to create a unique and dashing blog for ranking then you might need to try it. I guaranteed that it is very useful thing by which we can easily create a unique blog. So, I recommend you to implement this technique and you will get good results.

05. Spend more time alone

 If we look at history. We found that about 80% successful people like Elon Musk, Larry page, Elbert Einstein etc, spend most of their time lonely. When we spend our time alone. Our mind get refresh and it make many new ideas. According to me we need loneliness 1 hour at least in a day.  
In loneliness we can focus on a single thing with full concentration. We can easily make any type of thing in this time. In loneliness our brain want to do any thing but in crowd areas our brain get tangled, we can’t focus on a single thing as well as on a common thing.
If you live in a crowdy areas, so you cannot make a unique idea. To create a unique blog you will need to get out from crowdy areas. If you follow this and spend your time in loneliness. Then I am 70% guaranteed that you will create a unique and dashing blog easily.

06. Go for Journey

According to me this is the best idea. Its my personal experience that when I go for journey. I get many content for site. I get 50% my content from journey. In journey we notice many things around, we look many odd creature which we cannot absorb other time.

In journey time we feel free from other works. If you like to go to journey then many topic you can get. Journey is my best place ever. Whenever I think that I have nothing to write. Then I go for long journey where I experience many other odd things. I write on these topic. 
I found that in journey we got many things. According to me. Journey make me free. My mind become free and I can easily focus on any thing. Journey make me proud. My brain become refresh and I make many thoughts during journey. 

07. Increase your sleeping hours

Sleeping is best movement of our body. When we sleep we remind many un noun things in the form of dreams. Our mind solve those problems in that process. According to researcher when we sleep more.
Our brain refresh 70 times more then other movement. Sleeping make us joyful and smart. Sleeping make our life long. According to the science sleeping is the best way to solve any type of problem.
Whether the problem is creating a content or making relationship. Our brain solve every problem of our life.  I sleep at least 9 hour in a day. So to make a unique blog you also need to sleep more in a day.

08. Before creating any thing firstly you need to create it in your mind.

This is my favourite way to create any thing because when I make any thing in my mind. Then I definitely make it in reality.
If we focus on history we found that the Taj Mahal was first built in the mind of shahjahan, then it was copied it on paper and finally Taj Mahal was built on the right bank of the Yamuna river. Which show that if you want to make any wonder. Firstly make it in your mind.
Then you can easily make it in reality. So you want to make any blog in you mind first. Without making it in your mind you cannot make it in reality.
Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

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