Most Common Mistake which make web developer

Hi guys whats app hope you all will be fine. I am Mohd Raqib and today we discuss about very interesting topic which name is most common mistakes which make web developers. But before knowing these mistakes firstly, I requested you to subscribe our channel to get new notifications. If you found any type of help from my blog. Common mistakes which make web developers

01. Boring topic on site.

This is first mistake which make many blog writers. They write on those content which no one like to read. All peoples think that it is not blog its only dirt which spread by web developer. Interesting topic attract people’s so much. Many people’s like to read interesting topic

By the use of attractive topics many people get much traffic. If you are a great writer than you can easily attract many people from your blog because you have experience that how your blog can attract peoples. Make a site dashing not boring. Boring Content effect your site in future.
If any one read your boring content then he won’t come to your site in every problem. He prefer to read another blog. So, be careful boring content in blog play a role of poison. So write dashing and attractive content.

02. Short content on site

Short content also effect on estimate time on site. If you are short content writer then one problem also come on you site, that many people read your blog but they visit on your site only some minutes. Sometimes they visit on you site only for single minute.

That is why because you write short content on your blog. People can easily read your post in some minutes. So I recommend you to write much and better content in your blog.

So people take much time to read your blog and automatically your estimated time on Google also increase. If you implement this method in your site. I am guaranteed that your estimate to time on site increase.

03. No use of SEO tools

No use of SEO tool may effect on you Google ranking. Google rank post from their keyword. If your post have no any keyword then your post cannot rank on Google.
So SEO tools helps you to find a meaningful and top rank keyword. To use these you can easily rank on first page of Google. You can always rank from your effort but it take much time to rank.
SEO tools also gives many other tricks by which you can easily rank your website. You can also use filter in SEO tools. Some tools are free but most of them are paid. So that’s why I write a post on free SEO tools, you might need to click on this link.

04. No Site Interlinking

Site interlinking also known as back link. Back link is very important and useful link in web development. Site interlinking also take a part in ranking of site. Back link is a link which refer a site from other site.
If you have many back link then Google index your post on the first page of Google. If you have no back link then Google cannot index your post.

So, back link are most important for site ranking.
But some people’s haven’t focus on back link. So , these peoples cannot rank on Google.


05. No topic on tips or tricks

No topic on tips or tricks make site boring. Many people’s like to read tips and tricks. If your tip is helpful for your audience then your audience return back to your blog and they also encouraged other people’s to read your blog.
No topic on tips and tricks also harm your website. Without tips and tricks you cannot rank because no one come back to your site and automatically your site ranking become down. So, you must want to write on tips and tricks.


06. Slow page loading

Slow page loading effect on the attraction of peoples. Slow page loading create a disturbance to read any blog. Many people go back when any website take much time to load because in this world no anyone want to wait for everything.
They want everything in a second and if your website cannot load fast. Slow page loading
Then three problems you will faced. First your website cannot rank. Second bonus rate will be increase and third no one will come to your site to read any blog.

07. No updated content

If you want that you website always rank on first page of google and no site rank first from your website. Then you firstly update your content, because google also rank those post which always updated. Updated content attract peoples and much traffic come on the site.
Updated content also help to grow faster in web developing. If you always update your content then you have 80% chances to rank on first page on google. Many peoples cannot update their content because these type of peoples are so lazy. They didn’t want to do anything. They have nothing any goal.
They believe on only luck. If their luck is good then they gain much traffic and if their luck is bad then their website cannot get any thing. But they don’t know that in web development their is nothing like that. It totally based on hard work and effort that they done.
So, it is very requested to every web developer that don’t focus on their luck. Luck is not at all. Everything is that which you done. So firstly update your website and don’t grape in circle of luck.

08. Unwanted ad on site

If you are a web developer and your ad sense account approved. Then you need to fix this bug that is unwanted ad on site. When people saw these odd type of ad on any site they think this is boring site. Ad create a disturbance.
I cannot want to say that you don’t show any ad on site my mean is that show ad on only those places where its importance. And always show those type of ads which attract peoples.
You can show attractive ads everywhere because it attract people but do not show it many time. Because lot of peoples go back when they saw ad every time. I saw this problem in l many web developer question me that their content is so good and they update every time, but the bonus rate of their website is increasing.
Then I tell them that it is happen by the unwanted ad on website, it make website boring. So that’s why I tell you that don’t show unwanted ads. If you want to show them try it in limit because unlimited things always create disturbance. So, don’t show unwanted ad on site.

09. No single niche on site

Single niche is very important for every web developer. Through the use of single niche many web developer rank on first page of google. Single niche helps us to focus on a single thing. If we have many niche then we cannot rank faster as single niche.
The people who grow faster and rank on the first page of google also want to write on single niche. They did not grape in the circle of multi niches. They make a single image in their mind and do hard work to grow higher.
But the multi niche people’s cannot do that, because when they want to do a single work then they think that they have other goals that they have done and when they want to do another work, they they think that they have another work.
So there mind get confused and finally their mind take decision in which their mind say that don’t do anything just relax.
Peoples get relax but they don’t know that they waste their precious time in choosing work. But the single niche man easily done the work and grow as he like. So I recommend you to make a single niche and don’t trap in the circle of multi niches.

10. No Use Of Quora

If you are a web developer then you also need to know about Quora. Quora is a platform where many people questioning you.
You can easily give them answer of it. We can also use Quora for content because in Quora you can choose you niche and people will only question you from your niche.
You can always write this answer on you web site and rank it. You can always make a back link from it. Quora give us artificial content for blog. Many people take content from Quora. But some peoples cannot do it. Because they don’t know that Quora and its purpose.
Quora give us meaningful content which are searched by many peoples. We can get much content from Quora. Quora give us meaning full content and if we write on it our blog easily get viral, so Quora is best platform for all web developers.

11. Use Copied image for site

Use Of copied images for web site is very common and bad thing for any web site because google easily know that the image is copied from another site. Google cannot rank those sites who copy their image from another site.
If you copy images from other site then it us very harmful for you website. It also effect on you site ranking may be your site rank but most of sites rank back that’s a very bad thing. So I am told you that don’t copy any image.
If you become a world wide web developer then you need to take effort in it, and make it as dashing as possible. Copied image cannot satisfy us because we want to attract peoples. So I am recommended you that quit copying and use another way to solve it.

12. No Use Of Image Optimizers

Optimize images are very important for every website because images play a great role in slow page loading. Image weight are so much which cannot load in time. so we use some site to resize it. So that we load it at time.
But most people can’t do it. These peoples are so lazy they cannot want more traffic. But that a big problem which reduce you site loading speed. Loading speed of any website in time is important, 1 because much people’s come on site for some seconds but if you website is so slow in loading.
Then it is granted that half of you audience go back and see another site. If you resize your image then automatically your site load faster then other site. So that many users come to your site and read your blog. So resize your images and then target the audience.

13. Half described content

Explanation is very good thing. Explaining is a process in which anyone share his experience to another one. This is a biggest art through which we can easily describe anything in some minutes. But most of peoples make a mistake that is they describe half content.
For example any one talking about network marketing and he can’t explain the main purpose that why he is doing network marketing. Then the other one cannot want to talk more, because he think that why he is doing this.
If he explain the whole process that what is network marketing, what the main purpose of network marketing is, How we can get success in it.
Then another one want to take more. He become interested in your passion. So when you talk or write any content please explain it fully. So that he become interested in your content.

14. Only Beaten up Content

You must notice that many people want to write those topic which are already written by another one. They cannot want to create a unique content on their blog. I have experience that About 90% people write on beaten up content.
 That’s why only 10% people rank on the first page. Google see beaten up content as dirt. Google want unique and dashing content. If you are a web developer then you might notice that everyone write on beaten up content, like how we earn money online, how to make a you tube channel and many other boring things.
These type of people don’t want to do anything. There is only one which name is time pass. That’s why 5 percent peoples are rich and 95 % peoples are poor in this world. That’s are most common mistakes in web development.
Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

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