8 best seo tools by which you can get 1,000 visitors

Hello guys what’s app today we will discuss about some tools and know what is SEO tool? How they important for us? Are they all are accurate? etc. and I will also tell you that do we need to give help from these tools Ok. So, let’s start.
What are SEO tools?
Tool is an English word which mean (Ozaar) in Urdu dictionary but in web siting SEO tool is a programe which may be programed by a team or a single person. In the web siting SEO tool play a vital role.
It is very helpful for ranking and gaining more traffic , It also help to popular the website and if you want to become more popular than firstly I recommend you to make your own tool because in the present time most people cannot rank with only posts because they have no more information about web siting. So, these type of peoples also need to make their own tool. 
If they cannot make their own tool then they need to use other tools and one thing I tell you that web siting is only for programmers in other words understand programming language like html python and javascript then maybe you need to take more effort for ranking your website. Many peoples like Neil Patel (Ubersuggest), Brian Dean 

(Backlinko), DmitryGerasimenko (ahref), Oleg Shchegolev (SEMrush) etc become popular from their own tools.Best seo tools
The SEO tool play a vital role in web siting. Through these tools we can easily get many useful and high traffic gainer keyword which maybe give us huge traffic. The other features of this tool is that it is also helpful for you tubers many you tuber give content ideas from them and make a lot of money.

8 best free SEO tools 

01. Benefits Of Ubersuggest: – Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool which tells us about the keyword ideas, search volume, CPC, SD and it tells us how many back links and domain score are provided for ranking first in  this keyword. The disadvantage of this tool is that we cannot use filter and this tool do not give us accurate keyword volume and many other things from other paid tool.   
02. Google Search Console: – It is different tool because it tells us about overview and performance like impression, Click, CTR, Average position, breadcrumb, valid pages etc, of a website. Other wise we cannot gain content ideas and back links. 
03. Google Analytics: – This tool is a best tool ever because we can get many things about users like % New sessions, new users, Number of Session per user, Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Bounces, Average Value, Event value, Session with event, Avg. time on page, tracking, Page value etc. So, I like this tool so much.
04. Google Trends:- From this tool we can get many trending and recently trending topics. It tell us that now which thing is trending in whole countries. It tell us related query which peoples search on google. According to me it is very helpful for every new web developer because many web developer does not know that what they write in first articles it help them to write  good articles.
05. Alex rank:- This tool give us ranking score. It tell us which keyword is giving you more traffic than other keyword. It provide us competitor sites, site linking, keyword gaps, Easy-to-rank keywords, Buyer keywords, Optimization opportunities, Top social topic, Social Engagement, popular sites, Site Metrics and which country give you traffic etc. If you use this tool I hop you improve your website within 3 months.
06. Google keyword planner:- According to me google keyword planner is also a good choice because it give us most searchable keywords and if we write on these keywords we can easily rank in Google and earn lot of money. It is also helpful for your career and for building you own brand.
07. SEO Rank tracker:- It also a good tool for any new websiter because when any new websiter make his/her own website he/she must want to see their rank in Google. This tool helps many new websiter to see their rank in the Google.
08. Article Generator:- Article generator is very easy tool because when you search any type of article then it show a meaningful article which by which you can easily rank in websiting. Many people take lot of articles from this website and earn money. So, I recommend you to use this tool.

Do you can easily rank with SEO tools?

There are many conditions for ranking in web siting if you purchase a paid tool then you get good traffic gainer keyword and you can easily rank up. If you rank fast then you need to write 3 articles in one day. The main thing for ranking is writing skill if you write mind blowing content then cannot rank fast and if you write a simple and useful content then maybe you can rank easily. Otherwise if you use free tools for ranking then maybe you need to give more concentrate and effort for ranking first. In this condition you need to write minimum 3 and maximum 5 articles in a day. According to me these tools is very helpful for whole web developers and if you use these tools I tell you can easily rank up. So, I think that you can easily rank up with SEO tools.

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