How to use Ubersuggest? Ubersuggest Vs SEMrush Which is Best?

Hello readers today we will learn about a free tool which name is ubersuggest at first when you listen this word then maybe you think that what is ubersuggest? For clearing your concept about ubersuggest. I write a post for you in this post I will tell you about ubersuggest. So lets start.

What is ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest:- Ubersuggest is a free search engine optimizing tool which is very usable and helpful for any blog developer. The owner of ubersuggest tool is Nail Patel. In the beginning of ubersuggest it have only 100 visitors but now it is the world popular and searchable tool. Its is totally free so, all the peoples liked it so much.What is Ubersuggest and how to use it

It tell us about keyword ranking, search volume, click through rate and keyword ideas of a particular word(keyword). It is also beneficial for beginners(new blog writer) in ranking their blog. If you are a new blog writer then you need to use ubersuggest for better performance.

How to use ubersuggest

At first when you click on ubersuggest SEO tool then this type of a interface will come:First interface of ubbersuggest

and when you type your domain name or keyword in the search bar then you have to click on search. After a while when it will fully check your keyword ranking, CTR and domain score then it will give your keyword ranking, domain score below the first page.
If you want to gain some keyword ideas from ubersuggest then you need to click on three parallel lines which will be given on the right side of your mobile when you click on these three parallel lines then this type of a interface will come: Interface of ubersuggest

Then you have to click on ubersuggest and then three options will come first one is overview second is keyword ideas now simply you need to click on keyword ideas and gain some keyword ideas.

Is Ubersuggest Accurate?

According to the google keyword planner all the tools are not exact the google give only range.
Range means that how many people search a keyword in a month or week if any keyword is most searchable in a week or month then its search volume or other things are good.
If any keyword have no search then its search volume, CTR and SD is very low. By this way can say that the ubersugest is not fully accurate.

How ubersuggest is helpful for you tube in ranking?

I think that it is very helpful for every you tuber because it tell the keyword ideas, search volume, click through rate and SD which helps the you tubers in ranking.

If any you tuber have no any SEO tool then he don’t rank in you tube. He cannot gain more traffic and money from you tube all his hard work can be wasted. So SEO tool so very important for any you tuber.

Ubbersuggest Vs SEMrush

  1. According to me ubersuggest ivery helpful for poor web developers and poor you tubers because it is fully free but Semrush is only made up for rich peoples. To use it firstly we need to pay money.
  2. Semrush show us full query, it show accurate keyword ranking, CTC and SD but the ubersuggest can’t show full query it show some keywords and it can’t show more accurate keyword ranking, CTC and SD from Semrush.
  3. Ubersuggest have many limits like we can’t choose search volume of a keyword freely and we see only some keyword ideas but in Semrush we have no any limit we can choose Search volume of  a keyword freely and we have permission to check more keyword ideas.
  4. Semrush have many permission like we search many keyword  in one day and it tells us  which type of query ranks but ubersuggest give only 4 trials so we can search keywords only four times and it can’t tell us what type of query ranks.
  5. From my thinking ubersuggest is only based on limits and it cannot clear our concept and the semrush is not based on limit it have freedom and help to clear our concept.

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