What Is Backlink? How We Create Free Backlinks For Website

Hello guys I am Mohd Raqib and today we will learn a most interesting topic the name of this topic is how to create a free back links. I think you already know about how to create a paid back links for rank but today we will read how to create a free back links and with that I will tell you about a tool which give you low competition keywords so lets start.Before creating a free back link firstly we need to understand what is back link and why its very important for ranking.
Backlinks:– A inbound link which connect to the other website  is called a backlink.What is Backlinks and how to use it

Back links are very important for every blog developers because back links are the one way by which your website ranks and you gain more traffic and earn money.

Importance of backlinks

If you do not have any one back link then you need to understand that no one visit on your website and your website cannot rank and click rate is also depend on back link. So, back links are very important for every blog developer.

How to create free backlinks

Yes, you heard right you can create free back links from this idea.

The idea is that whenever you visit on any site then you have to write a comment and in that comment you have to write a link of your website and give some view.

When every web developer click on you comment then automatically will become your back link and if you have lot of money then you can purchase a paid tool for back links.

App which give low competition keywords
This app name Keyword Research Tool- Generate or Research Tags and it is very helpful for every web developer the review of this app is almost good some problems occurs but it is okay for a new web developer. I say this because I have used it and I believe that you will also rank with the help of this app and if you still don’t believe on me then download it yourself.

Why can’t people rank even after backlinks?

We already know that backlink lays a vital role in SEO(Search Engine Optimization)  ranking because backlinks is a man thing that help in SEO ranking many peoples purchase backlinks for SEO ranking but they don’t rank. The main reason is that they don’t write more post they don’t write constantly and they don’t write unique ideas

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