9 easy SEO techniques by which you can rank your website

Hello friends whats app, Do you know I am very happy today because my first post which name 7 things which need to improve every website developer, gaining more traffic and today I also want to gain more traffic from this post. let me tell you that in this post we will read about how can you rank your website in 3 months. I am requested to you that Don’t quit my post and read my post completely OK.

To rank Your site you need to follow some steps which are given below:

01. Write impotance baised content:- At first we need to write importance baised content because people’s read posts for their requirements and if you write a meaning less content then why anyone read your post. So, you need to write importance baised content.

02. Use seo tool:- SEO tools tell you about keyword ranking its search volume and its click rate because when you use these tools you can never write those post which search volume, keyword ranking and click rate is very low.

If you don’t use these types of tools then you write those posts which search volume is low.

03. Write fresh content:- Write fresh content because google like those posts which are fresh and do not copy from another site and always rank those posts which are new. Write fresh content

If you copy any post from another site then google cannot rank your website. So, knowledge is also very important for any blog developer.

04.Use paid domain:- Purchase a paid domain like .com,.in,.org, etc because people also prefer these type of domain and google also rank paid domain site.

If you use free domain then you need more effort and time to rank up and when your website ranks then you cannot purchase a paid domain because if you purchase a paid domain then maybe your rank come down. So you need to purchase a paid domain.

05. Write for beginners :- Write posts for beginners because thousands of the peoples start blogging in every single day and they always search about this type of question like what is blogging? How we rank in google? and how we make money online from website.

If you write about these topic and help them to improving their website then maybe they visit on your website again and if they visit on your website then maybe your website start ranking in seo and you gain a lot of money. So it is very important for you to write a post for beginners.

06. Make your own seo tool:- If you know everything about making a tool then you need to make a tool in which only mentioned about keyword ranking, search volume and click rate and if you want to make another type of tool so make that too.

Who knows maybe your tool rank and you gain traffic. So, you need to making this type of tools. Seo tools

07. Write blogs on tips and tutorial:- Write on tutorial and give some tips to the peoples because most of the peoples don’t know about making a website and how they earn money from a website. This is the big opportunity for us.

If we write about tutorial and tips then maybe your website rank. You are too lucky that you find out about the blogging because blogging is that type of occupation. In which you earn money at home. So, I very requested to you don’t quit it.

08. Don’t make mistake:- Don’t make mistakes in words and sentences or other else. These mistakes makes your website rubish because people can easily notice that the writer of that blog cannot know about English.

so, firstly he think that he need to go another website to solve his problem. If maybe he cannot go to another website then maybe he cannot come back to read you website.

09. Write a unique and useful content:-  If you write common content then you need to understand that your website cannot rank ever and if you write a unique content then google can rank your website quickly and you maybe gain unlimited traffic.

Do you know that all web developers like nail patel etc write unique content so they gain more traffic from other sites. Thats why you need to write a unique content.

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