7 Things You Need To Improve In Yourself If You Are A Blog Writer

Hi friends I am Mohd Raqib and today we will discuss about 7 things which improve your blog because a new blog developer needs to improve his blog.
If he doesn’t improve his blog then no anyone visit on his website and he will be forced to leave his website. If you want to hit your website in 3 months then follow some steps which given below.

1. Always be patient

Patient in blogging is very important for all the blog writers because the ranking on a website is a very difficult thing which take at least three months and if you write a post in a month then maybe it takes a year. So, you need to be patient. If you don’t have patient then understand that you cannot deserve it.

2. Write evergreen content

If you write blogs on trending topic then its 90% chances that your blog trend will go down and traffic to your website will decrease and your website cannot get that much traffic to which it entitled.

If you write evergreen content then your traffic continuously grow because google like evergreen content as compare to trending content. So you must need to write on evergreen content and stop writing trending content.Write evergreen content

3. Write an attractive topic

Write an attractive topic is a very good habit ever because whenever anyone search anything at first he can’t see that which type of this topic written firstly he look at the topic if your topic impress himself then he click on your website and if your topic cannot impress him then he crawl down and look at another site. So you need to improve your topic.

4. Write blogs constantly

Write a blog constantly because I saw many web developers that when there post go in a    trend then they don’t write any post and always see their page views or clicks it is very bad habit because when his trending post go down then he will very angry and he may be delete all the posts that he written in many months. So write a blog constantly.

5. Always make a short term and long-term goal

Making a short term and long term goal is very important thing for all the blog writers because when anyone blog writer don’t have any goal then he don’t know that how post he written in this month or week.Make short tearm Goals in life


So he write about 5 to 6 post in a month so making of short term or long term goal is very good practicle. You should need to implement these practice if you want to do something in your life.

6. Update your post week to week or month to month

Do you know that google ranks only those posts who updated in every week or every month because google need a fresh evergreen and updated content and if you update your content every month google may rank your post and you give a lot of views or clicks and if your ad sense account was improved then you may got lot of money.

7. Hear motivational speaker

If you will hear motivational speakers les brown, Tony robbins Sonu Sharma, Vivek bindra etc  you will be motivated from them.

Your mind want to write a post and you will write many blogs with full concentration and may  you get lot more traffic on your website. These are some things you need to improve in yourself if you want to do any thing in your life.

Thank you so much for reading my blog…………………..


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