17 most popular and Worst Games You need to know Part:- 02

In the first part I write about most trending and worst game and now I will also write about some worst games .

When you read this word ‘worst game’ you will also think that what are worst game? Why I called it worst game? So listen that worst games are those games which always leg, They have no any station and their graphics are so bad.To avoid these games I write a post for you.

01.Helicopter Games Rescue Helicopter Simulator Game

This game have a virus any te when I play it goes off. So this game is so bad.

02.Indian train Driving suilmultor: Train games 2020.

This game have many ads are viewed and then when game starts the is closed autatically. So, it is irritating game.

03. Bubble shooter

This game sucks, and I ‘m hook it stop when I’m on a roll with extra
bubbles I have to start over I lose my extra bubbles. So I delete it.

04. Fun game box 3000+games in app.

Horriable and I mean horriable because every time you play something and you want to play it again you can never find it. I request you please don’t download it.

05. Real Cash Games: Win Big Prizes and Recharges.

In this game the main problem is network issue mean when you open this game this game start loading the loading will continue until you stop and other issue is that this app consumed you all the data.

06. Subway Princess- Endless Run.

This game is so stupid and non sense because the graphic of this game is not clear and it is very slow. So this game is very very stupid.

07. Lost Island jungle adventure Huting Game.

I hat this game because there are 3 to 4 ads before a new level. I play it it and is super irritating. You cannot even skip the ads until you have watched all of it. This is very boring and stupid.

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