A Morning Walk and its 5 benefits You need to know

A Morning Walk

A morning walk is a light exercise. It caste nothing. It strengths our body and its do not effect on us so it have no any disadvantages.
Benefits of Morning walk
Following are the some advantages of morning walk:
  1. Morning walk is very important for us because it refresh our mind and we feel good and its also important for every human because it protect us from many harmful diseases like fatness, weakness and asthma etc.
  2. The morning walk tells us what the nature beauty is. It brings pure thoughts in our mind the dew drops, the fresh flowers, the chirping birds charms our mind. We start loving these objects of nature.
  3. It is equally good for the young and the old. The morning walk keeps us feet and healthy  for the whole day and the feet and healthy men do all type of works like read books, dance, play games and other domestic works.
  4. Morning walk helps to melt the body fat and also helpful for heart to circulate the blood in all organs of the body.
  5. It helps to lose weight and it is very useful for our skin because it giving our face more color and light.

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