Noise Pollution: Causes, Effects and prevention

Noise Pollution                                                                                                                                                                                          The making of high irritating and harmful sound in every place of the earth is also known as Noise Pollution. In this blog  I share some causes of noise pollution and their effects. I also describe that how we can precaution by which we can reduse it.  Photo of noise pollution

Causes Of Noise Pollution

Following are the some causes of Noise pollution:
  1. First cause of Noise pollution are vehicles, loudspeakers and machines like windmills and many other motors also create noise pollution.
  2. Another Cause is that most of these noises are due to our own fault. People keep making unwanted noises. They use loudspeaker for long hours and disturb all those around  them. They blow horns even when not needed. There are factories in residential areas. The machines in these factories make terrible noise in day to night.
  3. The third cause of noise pollution are space shuttles, helicopters and fighter jats they cause harmful sounds called noise pollution

Effects Of Noise Pollution

There are some effects of noise pollution:
  • Noise pollution effect on environment and those living things which live on this environment like humans, birds and other animals. Noise pollution damage our nerves. It can cause deafness.
  • Noise pollution also effects on our ear drums because the  scientists believe that high noise will damage our ear drum and we lost our hearing power.
  • It is very effected on every thing which exists on the earth because it kill all the living thing from its strong and enormous sound

Precaution By Which We Reduce It

There are precaution by which you reduce noise pollution:

1. The first precaution is that the use of loudspeakers at night should be banned and the use of power horns within the city should not be allowed.                        Precaution photo

2. We do not use vehicles which generate noise beside this we use those vehicles who generate less noise.

3. To reduce noise pollution we should not crying loudly😭  because crying create noise pollution.

Thanks for reading my blog I hope you enjoy this blog and last l tell you think positive get motivation and inspiration l hope you become a successful one.

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