Water pollution: 4 Cause, Effects and method to regulate

The noise pollution                                                      The word water pollution means making the water dirty. The People’s throw lots and lots of rubbish into the rivers, canals, lakes and seas. Lots of sewage from sewers is also poured in to them. All this sewage makes the water dirty and create chemical substances into the water this process of creating chemicals substances and dirty into the water is called water pollution.                                              Water pollution photo

Causes Of Water Pollution

There are many causes of water pollution some of them are given bellow:
  1. The first cause of water pollution are us we use many bags for transportation of our products these bags are fully made up of plastic and other materials and when we collect some waste into it we throw it into the river these plastic bags also caused water pollution.
  2. Water pollution is also biased on industries because these industries leave huge waste of its product and throw it into the river which cause water pollution.
  3. The third reason of water pollution is continuously growing of population because when the population is very high then the demand of plastic and other materials are also increase and industries leave huge and huge dirty waste in the water and this waste also caused water pollution.
  4. The last reason is chemicals we use chemical fertilizers into the crops fields for better growing of crops which also pollute the water.

Effects Of  Water Pollution

Following are the some effects of water pollution:
  1.  At first water pollution also effect on aquatic animals because these aquatic animals are always found in rivers, lakes and seas etc. When these rivers and lakes get polluted many aquatic animals become die.
  2. The water pollution is also harmful for us because we need fresh and clean water for drinking and bathing. When there is no clean water for us then we not able to drink water and bath through this way the people become more thirsty and most people will seek and some of them are die. The scientist believe that the third world war will began from water many countries attack each other for fresh water.
  3. The water pollution also harmful for birds and all living things like plants, birds and other many organisms which still live on the earth.
  4. The water pollution is very effected on our earth and for our environment these are the some effects of water pollution we will read that why we reduce it.

Methods By Which We Regulate Water Pollution

Following precaution to be taken to reduce water pollution:
  1.  To reduce water pollution we should not throw rubbish and other waste material into the rivers, streams and pounds etc. Another way to prevent water pollution is that we could not leave chemicals substances and industrial waste into the water.
  2. The second way is that we should always clean rivers, and streams etc and do not throw waste. We stop polythene factories and chemical labs.
  3. The third precaution is that we reduce using of chemical fertilizers into the field because it cause pollution.

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