Global warming: Effects and Prevention of global warming

Global Warming                                                              In the previous blog we discussed about greenhouse effects and its advantage now we discussed about what is global warming, its effects and advantages so lets start with definition of global warming  and if you do not understand anything please write me in comment box. I  will try my best to response you.     

Definition of global warming                          

The burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activity and deforestation reduce carbon dioxide( CO2), methane( CH4) and many other important gases. These gases trap the infra red rays of Sunlight and increase the temperature. This increase in temperature of Earth’s atmosphere by trapping of infrared rays by greenhouse gases is called Global warming.
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Global warming as the name suggests is the increase in temperature of the globe that is the average temperature of the atmosphere has increased. Few gases like CO2, methane? Ozone are responsible for it. The quantity of these gases, increasing day by day in the atmosphere. If this is not check in time, the temperature will have a big rise and there will be hazards all around us. Such as, glaciers will melt, lower area will get Submerged in water, rainfall will be affected, sea level will rise affecting production of crops, forests, etc and  it will also affect the lifestyle of living organisms. So specially  and immediate measures are to be taken to stop global warming.

Effects Of Global Warming

 Effect on Sea and ocean:- Global warming Effect on sea and oceans indirectly. To understand it firstly we need to know how global warming effect on glaciers. When the temperature of the earth rises due to global warming the ice get melts from glaciers and this cause sea and ocean levels to rise dramatically. This lead to submerging of islands and coastal areas. The other cause of global warming is that it warms up water and convert into salt and sodium bicarbonate that will change the taste and and consistency of water.
Effect on aquatic animals:- Global warming is not only harmful for human beings but for aquatic animals also. Aquatic animals get also affected by global warming. The warmed water by global warming get converted into salts. The salty water is very harmful for aquatic animals like Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whale, etc. Because the salty water  is the mixture of many harmful chemicals which is dangerous for many aquatic animals.
Effect On Birds:- The globe warming is dangerous for many birds. It may cause enormous heat into the fresh air and the air become very hot. This hot air kill all the birds which fly at the sky  this is the biggest cause of global warming on the birds because of this many species of birds are now die.

Prevention of global warming 

To prevent global warming we take several steps are given below:
  1. When we reduce burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas. Then global warming automatically reduce because global warming is based on the burning of fossil fuels.
  2.  The second step to prevent global warming is that we should not cut trees and control unscientific agricultural activities. In this way carbon dioxide exhaled by us get absorbed quickly by the plants.
  3. Another step to prevent global warming is that, we should used CNG and LPG in the vehicles used for transportation. The CNG and LPG are harmful gases are.
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