Greenhouse Effect, Advantages and Disadvantages

Greenhouse                                                    Definition:- Greenhouse may be defined as the house like structure which is made up of with pure glass that protect the plants from cold weather and support them to grow properly. Greenhouse actually raise the temperature of the particular area to provide a suitable condition to grow plants efficiently.

When the sun rays falls on the earth surface then these rays warm the earth surface. The part of the radiation that falls on the earth is observed by earth and a part is reflected back into the space.

Global warming photo

A part of the reflected radiation is trapped by some gases like methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and water vapours which present in atmosphere of the earth. The trapped light further warm the earth and the temperature of the earth increase. This is caused by the greenhous

Advantages of Greenhouse

Used For the Growth of plant                                    The greenhouse is used in those areas where the temperature is very low and the plants are regularly dead.The greenhouse provide them full energy and sunlight by which they make their own food through photosynthesis. Without this process life would not possible on the earth. The greenhouse play a vital role on the earth.

Used For the Cultivation of Crops                            The green house is used for cultivation of those crops that are not cultivate under cold areas. It make crops strong and its quality batter. Due to this there is no  need of urea and chemical for good production of crops. It makes crops strong without any chemical mixture. 

Disadvantage Of Greenhouse 

01. Greenhouse effect on the humans                        If the temperature increase on the earth due to greenhouse effect then peoples from the countries like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iraq will migrate to  the cold countries. This will increase the population density, which will directly affects the normal life of  human beings. Mass migration leads to deforestation, unscientific mining, over exploitation of resources, shortage of food and shelter. This create a huge problem over the world with no solution. Many innocent people would die.

02.Greenhouse Effects on the Biodiversity:-  Greenhouse effect is the biggest impact on the diverse form of life. It may be harmful for many species. It leads many species that previously exist on the earth. These species play a vital role in the food chain. Greenhouse caused many diseases and these diseases kills many living things.

03. Greenhouse effects on the Animals                 The greenhouse effect on animals when the atmospheric gases like methane and carbon dioxide trapped the sunlight and reflect to the earth reflect back to the earth and the greenhouse is the byproduct of global warming and the global warming is very harmful for the animals global warming destroy many species of animals like Steller’s Sea cow, Doda, Tasmanian Tiger and Passenger Pigeon etc are now extinct on the earth surface.

04.  Greenhouse effects on the climate
 Greenhouse effects on the climate in many ways the climate of hot region is more hotter by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse even effect on the cold areas like Himalaya region and Pir Panjal and force the animals like polar bear, arctic fox, Penguins and snow leopard to move on. This is the main effect of greenhouse on climate.

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