Independence Day 15 August 1947: How It is celebrated

Independence Day

     August 15 is the independence day of India. On this  day in 1947, India got her freedom from the British who ruled our country for around 200 years. It is celebrated all over the country.
Independence day is celebrated as a national festival. The chief minister of  the state unfurl the national flag and then national anthem is sung by all.
Image of independence day
Each state hold its own function in it capital city. Many students and guest give speech on this occasion. There is holiday at all schools, colleges and government offices.
The main  function is held in Delhi at red fort.Many cultural program are arranged on this day like dance, quiz and sports etc. Prime minister of the country unfurl the national flag and he/she make a speech also on this day.
We remember our great free fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal nehru and Sardar vallabhbhai patel gave their life for the freedom of the country. We can never forget them.
After independence we got our fundamental right. Some of them are
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  1. Right to choose the government
  2. Right to thought
  3. Right to education
  4. Right to action
  5. Right to equality
  6. Right to speech
  7. Right to freedom
But now India facing some problems like terrorism, poverty and corruption. So we should  take some steps by which these problems are overcome in our country. We should need to help the poor people and we should also need to protest against corruption and terrorism.
We do hard work for the growth of our country in economy. Now we are taking part in many fields, now we have so many things by which we can easily do hardwork.
If we develop our home, our society and our state, than our country become  a developed and powerful  country in the world otherwise our country become a poor and undeveloped country in the world.

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